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Stockholm in March!

Wednesday night 30th of march will be a big Iceland night with icelandic artists in the classy G÷ta Lejon theater in Stockholm, S÷dermalm. The concert will start at 20.30. I am so excited to be there :) !!! love Yohanna Read more

Hello !

Picture of the day :) My dog, she Is 10 years old
Hey! I am super happy today! Me and my boyfriend are putting up a small home-studio, it┤s almost ready now! Now we have the chance to work on the songs every day. So hopefully this year you guys will see a new album:) At least I can promise you some singles. the picture is of my dog, her name is Glodis, took the photo this morning :) she really needs a haircut, i know! hehe She is almost 10 years old, she was born in 2001 when Iceland participated in ESC with the song "Angel" have a good day my friends love Yohanna

thank you for love and support! :)

Hello everyone:) I wanted to write a little love letter dedicated to all my fans. Today I have been browsing on youtube, looking at the stuff I have been doing for the past 2 years. I started reading all the comments( I know it┤s not very smart of me, because there are always bad comments that can really hurt your feelings) but I was so moved by all the beautiful comments! It is so good to feel so much support. You guys are the reason I keep doing this:) The music business is not always the nicest field to go into, people can be very harsh and mean. But you are my guardian angels, as long as I have you around, I will keep going, no matter what! love you all :*

''Slow down'' on itunes Store now!!

New single

Hello :) I just wanted to tell you that my new single "Slow Down" will be available on tomorrow! Have a great day my friends love Yohanna

Icelandic Eurovison 2011.

Hello everyone. Wow, I cannot believe this day is here. I am so excited, but a little nervous at the same time. I am such a competitive type that I will have a hard time If I don┤t win, hehe. Anyways, I hope you guys like the song and the performance, I will do the best I can. love Yohanna Read more

Got my dress today

Hey everybody:) just got my dress, I really like it. I walked into Karen Millen and this is the first dress I tried on in there( I tried a whole bunch of others afterwards, but this is the one!) Anyways, I really hope you like my performance on saturday. Me and the whole team have worked very hard, I hope we will make it! love Yohanna Read more