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New single Hello :) I just wanted to tell you that my new single "Slow Down" will be available on tomorrow! Have a great day my

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Tá mé ó Airméin, ach is breá liom tú an méid sin, tá tú álainn, ba mhaith liom a íoslódáil amhrán nua tvayu, tá mé ag scríobh chugat ar Íoslainnis le Google, heheh
Dear Yohanna, help me download SLOW DOWN)))ITS VERY NICE SONG
Great song Yohanna. So excited about the new album!

Rashid (UK fan) :-)
Hey!!!!!!Long time no see!!!!!How are you Yohanna???is it true you going to Ewrovision 2011???crossing fingers for you!!!please add me on facebook your Russian fan Mike
Hi Yohanna, I love Slow Down, I keep listening to it. You are a great inspiration and I hope I will get to see you soon.
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hi yohanna .i love u and yuor Beautiful Voice
.i love slow down ,i miss u,is it true....

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