thank you for love and support! :)

thank you for love and support! :) Hello everyone:) I wanted to write a little love letter dedicated to all my fans. Today I have been browsing on

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You are very welcome :)) :-*
Always behind you, Yohanna! :)
-love you :*
and that message is one reason why i┤m a fan of you...:)
My pleasure, I will always be there to support you
i am always supporting you :D
keep going
Good Sound !
keep it up
Thanks Yohanna. Me and my partner think you are amazing! Fans forever. :-)

Rashid xx
HI Yohanna you are a very beautiful girl)and and you became the girl of my dream,and very bad that I can not see you by the eyes)))
Keep up the awesome work sweet icelandic girl :)Your fans will always support you and will always be your guardian angels. PROMISE :)
I Love You Too
Kudos! What a neat way of thiinkng about it.
Please sign to a US label. They will have you touring in no time, and that would be great for us. We need real talent, no more label manufactured mediocrities.
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